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Hi I am Andrew Thomas, the senior instructor at Warrior Crafts. I have 30+ years experience teaching martial arts and Ninjutsu. Based on this experience I have designed a program that develops great martial artists. I look forward to seeing you in the centre (dojo) on your first free lesson or during your 4-week trial period. Please introduce your self to me on your introductory period, as I like to talk to as many new students as possible about their training.

Please read the below which out lines our Martial Arts program

  • Join the exciting martial art of Ninjutsu
  • Programmes to develop mind, body and spirit
  • Increase health and fitness
  • You can have confidence in us as we have 20 years experience teaching
  • You will never get bored, as each lesson is unique
  • Ninjutsu works for all body shapes, sizes, ages and of course for both men and women
  • Suitable for all levels of fitness
  • Meet people and make quality friends
  • Learn the broadest spectrum of martial art skills taught under one roof. Learn street defence, traditional techniques, weapon-based systems, punch - kick - lock -throw systems, balance and awareness training.
  • The Ninjutsu mind set can enhance every aspect of your life as you approach life with a positive proactive attitude to achieving your goals

This is the tip of the iceberg there is not enough text space available to explain all that we can do for you. · Don't believe every thing we say read what our students think:

Chris People - why I are started the Martial Art of Ninjutsu

"I guess I started training for a variety of reasons, I've always had an interest in martial arts, My dad started me in Judo when I was about nine to improve my self esteem and try and curb this temper I seemed to have. It worked really well, although I guess I was too young to appreciate the intricacies of jutai at the time. I got kinda bored with it and all the other kids who did martial arts got to do roundhouse kicks and karate chops - my throws and holds seemed kinda useless (I did say I was too young to appreciate it!) Anyway I played around with some other stuff thinking that flying jump spinning back kicks were the way ahead until I got my ass kicked by some bigger, older kid at school and all the flash stuff fell apart. I was left wondering whether a little chubby kid can actually ever overcome someone bigger and stronger than themselves The reality was a group of normal (or seemingly normal!!) people getting changed into black pyjamas talking about their week and actually being friendly - not what I had come to expect. I was amazed by the first technique I ever saw, two people squared off and the 'attacker' actually tried to hit the guy who was standing there quite normally - No war cries, no cheesy stances, actual contact. A flash of technique ensued and the attacked ended up in a crumpled (but unharmed) ball on the floor. Actually I still remember the technique: Hadari ihen - Hiza - Empi to the spine - Tai otoshi (Its still a nice technique!). I think that single technique actually convinced me I had found something I wanted to do".

Chris People deals with an attacker

- Alex Stoneham

"My name is Alex Stoneham and I am 20 years old. I started Ninjutsu two and a half years ago when I was still at college. Initially it was a poster that caught my attention. I attended my first lesson with a few friends just to see what it was like and have been hooked ever since. The teaching is of an excellent standard and everyone who trains is friendly and helpful. Ninjutsu keeps me fit, increases my confidence and motivates me to do well in other day to day tasks. I find that the Ninjutsu mindset can be applied to most areas of my life and look forward to training every week. The group of people that studies Ninjutsu is very diverse, as I have discovered, and caters for all ages and abilities. I've learnt a lot in my two years and made a lot of friends from all walks of life."

- Matt White

"I am a 32-year-old I.T. professional working for IBM. My job involves me sitting in front of a P.C. for hours every day, but I enjoy playing sport and other activities and keeping fit. I started Ninjutsu to keep fit (as I used to do kick boxing and that kept me quite fit). I thought I would try Ninjutsu, I found I enjoy Ninjutsu more as it is more interesting and has a more interesting history. The BBD is extremely well run and it is a pleasure to go to and learn Ninjutsu there."

- Dean Smith

"I started ninjutsu because I wanted some activity where I was thinking as well as sweating! i.e. not just running on a treadmill all day.I like training with the BBD because the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed whilst the lessons still remain structured and useful my training gives me self-confidence in that if attacked I could have a good go at defending myself!"

- Ninjutsu - a female perspective
I have been studying ninjutsu for three years. As a result of continued training, I have developed strength, fitness and stamina (as well as far more martial arts ability than I ever imagined). Practising ninjutsu has also increased my threshold to pain, confidence, and overall self discipline.
The ethos of BBD dojos are non competitive, non macho and non misogynistic - in fact, kunoichi (female ninjas) are not just 'accepted', but are actively encouraged!
After a while, the philosophy of ninjutsu begins to permeate life outside of the dojo. One begins to think in a more ninja-ly way, taking the essence of the continuous improvement in training into making clearer judgements and moving through life with a greater ease. In my experience, ninjtusu blends a traditional Japanese art with modern day self defence techniques, taught by a great bunch of black belts in a fun, happy and nurturing environment.

- Mary 27

For lesson information see below

BBD Portsmouth Dojo

Portsmouth Martial Arts, 4 Market Way, Portsmouth, PO1 4BX
Contact details
The best and quickest way to commuicate with me is to Message Me on Facebook
Mobile 07711 904 881 text for quick responce
3 minute walk from McDonalds. And next to the Star of Asia restaurant on the market way round.

ADULT: Training Times
Monday by invitation only
Wednesday 8PM all welcome
Saturday 12 noon all welcome

KIDS: Training Times
Saturday 10.30 to 11.30am

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