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I am Andrew Thomas the senior instructor at warrior crafts . I have 20 years experience teaching martial arts/ NINJUTSU plus I have 3 kids of my own ( 7, 8 & 13) so I understand the concerns you may have . Based on this experience I have designed a program that makes great martial arts kids and support core values that every parent requires. I look forward to seeing you in the centre ( dojo) on your first free lesson or during your 4 week trial period

  • Please read the below which out lines our program
  • On our program your kids will increase confidence, self esteem, energy and self discipline
  • Learn positive life skills via rewards and recognition
  • You can have confidence in us as we have 20 years experience teaching
  • We have a relaxed and fun (but disciplined) atmosphere after all if you like the training and the people you will learn faster
  • Teach using positive reinforcement. With awards stickers, certificates and badges, for teaching key skills like rolls, break falls kicks etc. We also give awards for tidying their own room , doing what your parents says the first time etc. In this way we support core values that all parents appreciate

"My son Harry has really enjoyed being taught martial arts and is disappointed on the rare occasion he misses a lesson. Harry has always enjoyed his sports but NINJUTSU has given him loads of confidence. Harry has developed physically as well as mentally and a lot of this is down to NINJUTSU."

"I am Andy Darwin and my child is Adrienne - she is 8 years old . Adrienne started training because I believe that girls need self defence in this day and age. It has taught her confidence and discipline that is important qualities for children to lean at an early age"

"George Hunter 14 in his own words why he thinks teenagers should train
"Makes then more confident physically and mentally. Makes them feel safer. Makes you feel confident and obtain a good level of fitness. Gives a good hobby/activity to participate in and keep fit."

The class's are broken into 2 age groups see below:

7 to 11 year olds
Learn through play and responsibility.
Develop co-ordination timing and balance in a fun environment.
All of the above plus more intermediate techniques.
Start to demonstrating basic techniques to the class, developing good communication and confidence
Freestyle grappling both standing and on the floor. Basics of break falls, rolling, basic hand & feet striking techniques, throws/locks and kata.
Positive goal setting improves self-confidence.

11 to 15/16 year olds
Learn through challenging & exciting course content. All of the above plus techniques to fast/strong for the younger groups.
Chance to be class assistant, depending on skill level.More challenging and focused class will prepare them mentally for life

For lesson information see below

BBD Portsmouth Dojo

Portsmouth Martial Arts, 4 Market Way, Portsmouth, PO1 4BX
Contact details
Mobile 07711 904 881 text for quick responce
3 minute walk from McDonalds. And next to the Star of Asia restaurant on the market way round.

KIDS: Training Times
Saturday 10.30 to 11.30am

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