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Why I train in Ninjutsu

Lawrence May Why I train in Ninjutsu.

Hi Andy, here's my testimonial, sorry it;s a bit late. I got a bit carried away writing this so if it's not what you're looking for let me know

'I got into Ninjutsu a couple of years ago, at that time I never really considered myself as someone who could get hooked on a marital art of any description I had always expected this sort of thing to be full of egotistical pumped up geezers screaming karate shouts and punching thin air in rows or viciously kicking the crap out of each other in practice for that nights pub scrap. With this is preconception and a wary curiosity in mind I wandered in to the Portsmouth dojo on a Saturday afternoon and within 10 mins was addicted.

Its not just the vast range of styles all interchangeably characterised with liquidity of movement or explosive and dynamic techniques encompassing strikes, kicks, sweeps, throws, locks, nerve strikes, bone smashing, strangulation, weapons ( swords, sticks, knives, keys, mobile phones, bin bags, ropes etc) etal, all folded within a harmony which is centred on the natural body movement itself called taijutsu that is the main appeal, its very much the mutually friendly atmosphere in which you train, submerging yourself in this living history at your own pace.

The only pressures here are your self imposed standards of just how far you want to evolve, if you're interested in just fitness, self-defence or simply want to explore a 1000 year old Japanese warrior craft without all the noise and stress of martial art competition fighting ninjitsu is defiantly worth your time'