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Advise for new students

Do not try to remember every thing give your self a chance to absorb the ideas and techniques being taught. The best way to learn the flowing movements of NINJUTSU is to allow the techniques to wash over you. Over a period of time you will soak all these techniques into your subconscious and be able to create your own techniques as natural reactions to any given situation.

To start with only try to remember the 2 Kata's , Kame no Kata and Sanchin no Kata and practice stretching, rolls, break falls , and cardiovascular exercise this will give your body the best chance to absorb the techniques when you are in the dojo

And remember the best way to learn is to have fun and enjoy the training after all if you enjoy it you will learn much faster

Advice for the old hands never forget to do the above or you will start to lose your edge!!

Syllabus spotlight

Taihenjutsu what's that all about???

Means to condition your body for better NINJUTSU and life. Includes all forms of stamina, endurance and strength training. Plus all methods of break falls ukemi and roll kaiten. To enable you too blend with the earth rather then hit it like a ton of bricks. Can also include rock climbing, cycling, swimming and running so all these out side activities are really small piece of NINJUTSU increasing the fitness of your heart and body.

Junan taisho what's that??

The study of flexibility and diet to develop your natural maximum flexibility in both static positions and movement. This will greatly aid the quality of your life and NINJUTSU. You can learn these skills in the dojo but we also recommend that students seek extra information.

Friends ,If you are really enjoying the benefits of martial arts training:

* confidence

* fitness

* self defence

* improved coordination

* mental agility and, so much more...

Then how about telling your friends?

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