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History of Togakure Ryu - Ancient Times to Present


Ninjutsu evolved and developed as a way of life for the survival of a Japanese people culturally opposed to the ruling Samurai class of the day. With a traceable history of 1000 years the Ninja were most notable for their skills and activity during the Japanese Civil War periods of the l3th-l6th Centuries. All martial arts were stripped of warrior significance when peace came to Japan in 1868 (Meiji Restoration) but the teachings of Ninjustsu went underground and was brought to modern times by the 33rd Grandmaster, Toshitsugu Takamatsu. As the lore of the Ninja were passed down to the 34th Grandmaster, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi (Dr. Hatsumi is classed as a living treasure in Japan), Ninjutsu was made available to the Western World for the first time in the 1970's.It came to the U.K & Europe in 1983


The Bujinkan Brian Dojo (BBD) was established in 1985 as an International body to teach the skills of Ninjutsu in the traditional Japanese manner. From it's Hombo Dojo (headquarters) in Dublin, Ireland, the BBD holds regular training camps, courses through-out Europe and has a network of Dojo's (Clubs) through-out Europe. All blackbelts undertake regular training with their Chief instructor. All practionares of Ninjutsu and all other martial arts whether beginners or experts are welcome to any of these events. The BBD is committed to the spread of authentic Ninjutsu by High Grade teaching of Physical , mental & spiritual aspects of the art and maintain the highest standards with in the martial art community.