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How often too train

Many people ask how often to train for best results - this is like asking how long a piece of sting is. It depends on you and your objectives. From our view point we would like to see you train 2 , 3 times a week. For some of you this is too little for others too much.

What if I can only do once a week or twice a week OR 2, 3 times a week then a gap due to work.

That will still work well for you. We understand the modern pressures of work. We have many students in this situation who successful progress in Ninjutsu.

The above hold true for the kid's class we have a great hattori (KID) called Joshua who can only train every other week due to his dads shift work and he successfully moves forward. If he can do it, you can.

Fitness for training

Basic advice on fitness. Initially I recommend you stretch 3 times a week and do cardiovascular exercise 2 to3 times a week. Remember in NINJUTSU you are looking at a lifetime of development so you have the time to develop gradually and consistently

Base your routine on the warm up sessions done at the Dojo (school). Your black belt and other senior students have a wealth of knowledge in this area. A good book which will help you develop a routine to suit your own needs in flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness is called Personal Trainer

Build bridges not walls

Andrew Thomas