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Attitude is everything in life

That's a well worn clichEbut it's true. It reminds me of the kids class recently we where hearing a lot of the can't word. I am sure any parent out there knows what I mean.

Well a 9-year-old girl called Jasmine showed what a positive attitude can really achieve. They where doing ground fighting (kumi uchi) this is like Olympic wrestling where you are not allowed to stand up and all techniques must be done on the floor. Anyway Jasmine (9 years) was paired up with one of the adult assistants David (20years old). Against the odds with great focus and a lot of sweat she managed to pin David (much to his surprise) an excellent example of good attitude and focus. Most people in life focus on the size or power of the opponent (read home life, work and environment as well as ninjutsu)and in this way defeat themselves before they start.

I finish this section with quote from Brian McCarthy our chief instructor.

'To start the day with a negative attitude is not the way of ninpo' (Ninjutsu mind set)

Wise Words

'Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new'

Albert Einstein.

Consistency is King

The most important thing for your progress is consistency and, focused effort.

Attend class - even if you are: Not in the Mood, Sore, Tired, Grumpy, Bored, Low in Interest, Unhappy, Busy, Stressed, or, just plain don't want to!

MOTION CREATES EMOTION. Just do it and, you will feel like it - and, enjoy it.

WORKS EVERY (Well nearly every) TIME!