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Comic Moments from Seb Phillips

(Andy we should explain this was from a person I spoke to in the US and about great bozos of the martial arts, rather than something I saw personally)

'once saw a guy break his own thumb trying to perform the 'touch of death' to a friend of mine. I was wearing a Judo tournament T-shirt and the friend was wear a Karate shirt. We were in a bar having a friendly discussion over which art was superior when a wild eyed guy strode up to us and told us not to fool with him as he knew 'the touch of death'.

My friend said he wanted a demonstration.

'It will kill you!'

'My girlfriend dumped me and my job is being cut. Go ahead an use your touch of death.'

Wild eye guy does a strange ki-ai, shoots his clawed hand at my friend's sternum, and then screams. He pulls back his hand and his thumb looks like a mushroom! He then ran out of the bar screaming he needed a doctor!

Bartender had watched the whole thing and told us the rest of the night was on him.'

Keep Smiling