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Suggestion for healthful eating

This editions article is on diet and is written by a far cleverer man then me called Wataru Ohashi Mr Wataru Ohashi is an expert in Shiatsu his teaching far exceeds the information in the below article. In fact he teaches the full range of oriental medicine allowing you to understand your own health via oriental medicine

***********Article Diet**********************

"These are my suggestion for healthful eating. They are not too stringent. Anyone can follow them, and with much benefit.

General dietary guidelines

1.Be grateful for all the food that comes to you. Food comes to us as gift from the "giver of life." Receive it humbly and with gratitude. It is given to you to support your life here on this earth and to help you realize your most cherished dreams. Fortunately or unfortunately, I was born during World War II and was raised in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan. So I experienced from my stomach the truth of what I am saying. When you receive food, it comes to you with love, as a blessing from the world.

2.Eat whole foods. We human are much a product of nature as the stars and the trees and the plants. We are one with the soil: its minerals flow in our blood. We are one with plants: their nutrients help our cells function and their fibers help us eliminate unwanted waste. We are one with the rain: our bodies are composed mostly of water. We are one with the sun: its rays give everything on the planet life.

Avoid food that has been stripped of its nutrient content or so heavily processed that it is more the product of the laboratory then of nature. Eat foods that are whole, fresh, unprocessed, and whenever possible organically grown. These foods will provide you with optimal amounts of nutrition and power. They will also help you avoid unwanted chemicals that lead to sickness and misery. They will lead you to live in harmony. Especially eat whole grains, such as brown rice, millet, barley, oats, and corn; and fresh vegetables, particularly the leafy green variety, such as collards, kale, mustard greens, dark lettuce, and Chinese cabbage. Whole grains provide an abundance of energy complex carbohydrates are the most efficient and powerful human fuel on the planet as well as protein, vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Fresh vegetables are gold mines of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. These foods encourage the immune system and the elimination organs, and give us long lasting energy.

3. Chew your food well. Chewing is an essential step in digestion. Human are capable of eating anything, but first we must chew it. Food that is well chewed can be adequately digested and eliminated. Food that is only partially chewed cannot be fully digested. It causes all sorts of stomach and intestinal disorders and leads to sickness and unhappiness. Chew each mouthful thirty-five to fifty times far health, clear thinking, and happy digestion. Chewing well exercises the muscle in the mouth, jaw, and neck, which increases the blood supply to the brain, which needs thirty times more oxygen then the rest of the body.

4.avoid too much fat. The most dangerous part of today's diet is fat. It is a proven carcinogen. It blocks oxygen and blood supply to tissues throughout the body. Without blood and oxygen, cell die. The body ages prematurely. Degenerative disease manifests. Excess consumption of fat causes cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, adult-onset diabetes, premature senile dementia, and stroke. Animal foods, especially red meat, dairy products, and eggs, are loaded with fat. Eat these foods sparingly, if at all.

5.Eat foods that are locally grown and in season. We are living under specific climatic conditions, just as the plants that grow around us are. We should eat the food that live under the same condition we do. People who live in Alaska are better off eating fish and whale blubber then eating the foods and fruits of Brazil, and vice. It is the same with all other climates. When we eat products of nature, we consume the energy that went into creating those plants. We are consuming our climate and all the energies that influence us each day. This makes it much easier for bodies to adjust to the season, the weather patterns, and the challenges we face in our daily lives. If you cannot eat locally grown foods, eat foods grown roughly on the same latitude as your own. Try to avoid foods that would not grow in your climate.

6. Do not overeat. Overeating taxes the system, adds weight, and burdens digestion. It contributes to heart disease and intestinal and liver problems, and makes clear thinking difficult. In Japan, we say that when the stomach is a little empty, the mind is hungry for knowledge. But when the stomach is full, the mind is full, too. I believe that if we ate less we would fewer health problems.

7.Do not eat just before sleeping. It is a well-documented fact that during sleep the body is healing itself. This does not take place, however, if the stomach is full before bed. Energy that would be dedicated to healing goes instead to digestion. A full stomach prevents deep sleep and keeps us from getting adequate rest. A full stomach, I also think, causes us to dream excessively and makes our thoughts unhappy. This affects us the following day, making us lethargic and grumpy."


I recommend looking at Mr Ohashi book if you want a greater understanding of how the principles of energy affect your health (by energy read theory of acupuncture for use by lay persons). You will in fact get a wealth of knowledge from this man


Andrew Thomas