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Ninjitsu Festival June 2004

Training at the annual Matsuri in Dublin totally transformed my understanding of Ninjutsu/Ninjitsu. The level of skill of Brian McCarthy and the Hombu dojo blackbelts is outstanding. The one day National Courses are excellent, but the annual two day immersion in Ninjutsu makes a massive difference to my understanding of the art.

Everyone who trains at the Matsuri returns to their Dojo filled with renewed enthusiasm for their art, fresh techniques, and a selection of impressive looking bruises.

It is easy to get complacent, training with the same faces and bodies every week in your own Dojo. Dublin always pushes me out of my comfort zone, teaching me how much I have to learn and accomplish to evolve as a martial artist and ultimately make it through the blackbelt gradings .

Training at the Hombu Dojo in a supportive and focussed atmosphere will make you exceed what you thought was possible.

The most important thing for me about the Matsuri is the spirit of both the Hombu Dojo and the students in the BBD from across England and Europe. Well, that and how good a pint of Guinness tastes after you have really earned it.

By Peter Grey