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What is Ninjitsu?

Ninjitsu is the ancient art of the ninja shadow warriors of Japan. It is a unique method of moving and thinking which developed our system often referred to us the art of winning

Taijustu is the basic defence method used. This method of relaxed continues body movement allows the user to create a never ending supply of effective counters to any given defence situation and is unique to Ninjitsu

Ninjitsu is a complete fighting system dealing with the Physical, mental and spiritual aspects of student development. Techniques cover locks, throws, ground fighting, multiple attacks, modern weaponry. And all types of traditional Ninjitsu weaponry In fact in Ninjitsu there is no restriction on the type of available technique we can add on to our taijutsu. The power of this relaxed system has to be experienced to be appreciated

Where did Ninjitsu come from?

Ninjitsu did not come into being a specific, well-defined art in the first place, and many centuries passed before Ninjitsu was established as an independent system of knowledge in its own right. The Ninja, at the beginning did not use that label for themselves, they were merely practitioners of strategies that were cultural opposites of the conventional outlooks of the ruling Japanese Samurai class. Their highly illegal counter culture went underground and it was for this reason alone that the art was shrouded by centuries of mystery and deliberate confusion in Japanese history.

In AD637, En no Gyoja, a warrior monk, set up his Shugendo Dojo in the Togakure mountains. This following carried on for a further 500 years. Diasuke Nishina was born into this sect in 1165. In 1181 Heike Troops crushed the Shugendo Warriors and Diasuke Nishina was forced to flee south to Iga Province. Here he met a mystic warrior priest - Kain Doshi. He studied this mysticism and adapted it to his own Shugendo learning. As a commemorate of his rebirth, he changed his name to Diasuke Togakure and with this the birth of the Togakure Ninjitsu Ryu.

What was once condemned as an underground assassins technique, is today more recognised as a positive and powerful way of life in which harmony with nature, a working knowledge of universal laws and intuitive realisation of where the future is headed and learned through the experience of the Warrior Ways.

Translation of the term Ninjitsu

Nin of ninjitsu and ninja, a single simple sound in Japanese, requires extensive English words to explain. At it's most elementary level, Nin (also pronounced Shinobi) can mean endurance, perseverance, and forbearance in both the physical and mental realms.

Nin has a second dictionary definition of stealth, secrecy or concealment. The Japanese ideogram for nin is composed of the lesser ideograms of "blade" and "heart". The construction of the written character implies that the heart, or will, is channelled and directed in ways that give it the effectiveness of the blade as a tool for accomplishment.

In this broader sense of this concept, nin really means to be in control of one's mind, body, and perception of right and wrong. And having the ability to focus you mind and heart on the tasks in your life with the efficiency of a blade The jitsu or jutsu of Ninjitsu simply means school

What is the BBD Ninjitsu

The B.B.D. Is the Bujinkan Brian Dojo. It is one of Europe's Biggest and most respected Ninjutsu organisations. Set up in 1985 by Shihan Brian McCarthy the B.B.D still grows today and all Blackbelts are personally trained and graded by Brian McCarthy. It was set up to develop strong dojos (clubs) with the highest standards of instruction possible.

Who is Brian McCarthy

Brian McCarthy was the first person to reach black belt level in Europe and was a major influence in spreading the effective system of Ninjitsu thought out Europe. Brian is a true master of the martial arts. I would recommend making the effort to see him teach no matter what martial art you study.

What about the BBD Portsmouth Dojo

This a sub dojo of Brian McCarthy ran by Andrew Thomas 4th DAN who has trained in Ninjitsu for 20+ years. Mr. Thomas runs the Dojo's in Portsmouth & Brighton. We are proud to have a permanent Dojo in PORTSMOUTH and work on developing the best potential in our students (not the most students attracted by easy grades). The atmosphere is like a family clan. This creates a relaxed and positive attitude and allows the student to develop an open and questioning mind.

BBD Brighton Dojo

Chris People 1st Dan Has 15 years+ Experience in Ninjutsu. And is the Host Black belt in Brighton. Responsible for the day to day development of all students in the Brighton area.


You are required to do your best with a positive attitude. No matter your current condition (good or bad) we will take you through all the necessary steps to develop your self. Your goal should not be a grade or belt but to make your self the best you can be.

You will not be compared to any one else. You are on a personal journey here so will be compared to your past performance