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Ninpo - The ninjutsu philosophy

Welcome to the Ninpo page - where the boundaries of spirit and life blur through the wisdom of the past. These thoughts and reflections should be thought of as food for your heart and mind.



Many of the comments below were made by my teacher Brian McCarthy. They have stimulated my thoughts about how I view my training and day to day living.

Yours Andrew Thomas 25/3/2000 4th Dan

Martial arts begin with honesty and end with respect.

I watch and react positively to those students who try hard to learn the art. What mistakes they make along the way is of little consequence, it is the will to learn that is important.

When I grade a student I take a long term view of their potential and determination to succeed. I try to make an investment of time and energy in not only building the student physically but also morally and spiritually. When grading a student use wisdom when deciding what effect the grade will have on the student. Ensure the student always understands that a BBD grade is a two sided coin. A gift and a challenge.

The main stay of my teaching is to emphasise the use of taijutsu regardless of the technique, weapon or circumstances.

If you begin with, and carry your day on a negative attitude - this is not the way of ninpo.

We are a family who stand together or fall apart. If do fall apart as many hope then the art of Ninjutsu will be lost forever and the westerner will have proven the oriental right. In that we put ego before loyalty and greed before honour. We will have deservedly inherited the name GAIGIN.

There is a thing inherent and natural Which existed before heaven and earth motionless and fathomless. It stands alone and never changes. It pervades every where and never becomes exhausted It may be regarded as the mother of the universe. I do not know its name, I call it Tao, and I name it supreme.

From Tao Te Ching By Lao Tau

Hell gapes beneath the upraised sword... Step in! And Heaven is your reward!

Old Japanese epigram

I strive to understand for the future by learning from the past. I make my judgements taking other persons viewpoints into account Will they do likewise............? I view my mistakes with a mixture of learning and humour Two of life's most essential ingredients I take my mistakes as practice for my success and my success as my corrected failures I understand and accept when I am wrong, Knowing there will be a time when I am right. I respect the old, remembering that once they were as I. I am excited for the young, for they are the leaders of tomorrow. I admire the people of the land, because I believe when my kind are no more They will help the world live on. I pass on knowing that once, I met you and you smiled To all my friends everywhere

Brian McCarthy